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As an enterprise operating in investment and trading sectors with head office based in Hanoi, D&A International Company Limited. is a reliable Supplier providing numerous items and services for stable and long term segments of domestic, regional and International markets, especially serving for Vietnam oil and gas sectors. With endless efforts and willingness, through a basic strategy for human resources and business development, the current D&A staffs and its facilitation are able to carry out the Company’s long-term business operation performance, adapting various demands of every customer and partner. D&A, presently, is one of reputable and reliable Supplier/Contractor to domestic and international customers/partners. Up to date, D&A has confirmed its own trade reputation in domestic, regional and international markets.

Currently, awesome of challenge caused by international integration trend and WTO integration process to Vietnamese enterprises, D&A had taken a fundamental change in its development strategy in order to overcome harder and harder competitiveness of the market during this time; In other hand, in order to maintain the Company’s basic value which is always dominated in its business operation practices. Of which: “At its best, D&A has committed to bring to the Company’s value Customers the best satisfactoriness with its best qualified products, deadline adaptable, reasonable price, flexible and quick payment, enthusiastic and attentive services. The Customers’satisfactoriness bringsCompany’s success”.


- Company Name in Vietnamese: CÔNG TY TNHH D&A INTERNATIONAL


- Year of Establishment: 2019

- Headquarter:  C42 TT13, Urban Area Van Quan, Ha Dong, Ha Noi

- Certificate of Business Registration: 0108676227 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment, dated 29 March 2019

- Rep Presented by:  Mrs. Trần Thị Quỳnh Anh; General Director

- Telephone:  ((84 - 24) 3755 8785; (84 – 24) 2245 1355

- Fax:   (84 - 24) 3755 8785

- Email:   daiternational.ltd@gmail.com

- Website:  http://www.d-ainternational.com

- Tax Code:  0108676227

- VND Account: 0491001597836 at Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VIETCOMBANK) - Thang Long Branch (Hanoi);

- USD Account: 0491371644737 at Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam (VIETCOMBANK) - Thang Long Branch (Hanoi)

- Chapter Capital: 19,000,000,000 VND (Nineteen billion VN Dong); 


1. Trading Activities

- Import, export, purchase and sale of chemicals and chemical products (using in industries, science, and photographic sectors); Raw artificial plastics or products originated from raw artificial plastic formation; Food preservative products;

- Buy and sell oil products; Import, export oil products and oil-originated products; chemical products, materials, equipment and tools serving oil production and trading sector;

- Buy and sell petrochemical products and materials;

- Import, export, purchase and sale of production equipment, technologies and materials;

- Import, export, purchase and sale of building materials, construction equipment and machinery;

- Import, export, purchase and sale of other machinery, equipment and spare parts;

- Import, export, purchase and sale of computers, peripheral devices and software; Retail machinery, equipment and other tangible items;

- Import, export, purchase and sale of agricultural products, forestry products, preprocessing and processing of agricultural and forestry products, cattle and poultry;

- Buying, selling & consigning Agent of other items of all kinds; 

- Wholesale scrap, scrap of metal and non-metal; Recycling scrap (excluding trade in scrap polluting the environment); - Buying, selling & Consigning Agent of oil, petroleum and oil-originated products;

- Restaurant, tourism, ecology services; 

2. Investment Activities

- Prepare construction sites; Building and interiors finish; Railways and roads constructions;

- Install electrical systems, water supply and drainage fireplace;

3. Production Activities

- Exploit wood; Produce civil and industrial plywood, veneer and thin plank of any kind; Produce beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs and packaging;

- Animal husbandry; Cultivate agricultural and forestry products, poultry and livestock;

- Processing agricultural and forestry products, poultry products;

- Advertising activities.

4. Other activities in accordance with the conditions and capacity of the Company and conformity with the provisions of law

D&A International Company Ltd. was founded on 27th March 2019. Business Registration Certificate No. 0108676227 (dated 27th March 2019 issued by Hanoi Department of Planning & Investment). The first business activities of the Company during this stage were mainly focused on import and export fields; trading of household commodities. In this beginning period, D&A’s products still had been highly ranked by local customers in terms of attractive design and good product quality, reasonable price, and professional service. One of the Company’s key development strategies is an expans of Line of Business. The number of trading items and the sectors involved by the Company have been diversified in order to adapt the needs of markets. Of which, building materials and machinery items were widely supplied by D&A, serving local construction and light industry sectors.

VCCI membership granting ceremony

Attending meeting conducted by VCCI

In addition to being recognized as a reliable Supplier in this market, D&A has also had invested and well co-operated with an Australian Partner a mining samples analysis laboratory. Staff skills and capacities had been highly improved with their active participation in co-operative laboratory management, supervision, commissioning, training and technology transfer. D&A has built a development strategy suitable to this context in order to ensure overcome neat market competitions, preparing for the completion of WTO accession, when the market has the participation of numerous experienced and well-equipped international enterprises from Asia and other regions in the world. D&A is always self-aware of difficulties (but also opportunities) of Vietnamese enterprises in the context of WTO integration agreements execution, thus the Company has had self-enhanced its capacities by exploring and expanding market segment, looking for and co-operating with partners in regions of North America (including the U.S., Mexico, …) and South East Asia (Singapore). Target trading activities have been so far focused on items of hi-tech, environment friendly, harmless to human health and benefited the community. Through this strategic approach, D&A in collaboration with Rosenpaul Pte. Ltd Singapore, is now the Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam and other countries in Southeast Asia region, to distribute:

(1) INTUMAX® flame retardant coatings and additives which are produced based on the Broadview Technologies Inc. (U.S) non-Halogenated Phosphate technology;

(2) Ultrafine liquid ceramic thermal insulation Re-therm, Nano-Fix-Anticor, … of ProteckAsia (Federal Republic of Russia);

(3) UV cure insophtalic polyester resin: UV prepreg (Australia).

To develop the products’ market, D&A has had entered strategic MoUs and Exclusive Distributor Agreements with its partners in the U.S. and Federal Republic of Russia, Australia, Singapore. In Vietnam, D&A has had done some fundamental works to sustainably develop the market for the long run. These products were registered with the National Office of Intellectual Property and introduced to selected target customers; A close and effective network of reputable scientific authorities, organization and individuals has been
 To adapt setting up. It would be expected that these products would be highly competitive in the market with their outstanding advantages in terms of features, price, and cost effectiveness. With constant efforts in staff’s capacity strengthening, up to date D&A has had an enthusiastic, energetic, dedicated, attentive and experienced staffs with model facilities.

Mrs. Tran Thi Quynh Anh – CE0

Dept. of Import & Export, Investment & Planning

Dept. of Import & Export, Investment & Planning

Dept. of Import & Export, Investment & Planning

Sustainable business development strategy based on the product’s quality and price, payment mechanisms, service quality, and flexible services. This is the key factor determining the Company’s business operation as well as its sustainable development. The Company has been trying to mark its position and reputation in its markets. Presently, D&A has had confirmed its trade-mark as a reputable and reliable Investor, Supplier to its domestic and international partners, with capacity to adapt various demands of every customer


Making the Company to become one of the strongest investor and partner in Vietnam and international markets where the Company operates with efforts in research and production of the members, bring value to current life and the development of each Company staff in the future.

V. MISSION The Company has strived to achieve two Overall Objectives (named Economic Objective and Social Objective) which are organically and mutually linked, complemented and promoted through the implementation of three following specific Company’s values:

• Economic Values: Requirement of the Company’s business activities is to: (1) create a variety of products for the Society at low cost and good quality, (2) bring high profit for the Company; and (3) improve staff’s living and spiritual standards.

• Customer/Partner Values: Achievement of satisfactory solutions to customers’ legitimate demands with outstanding product and service qualities.

• Social Values: Compliance with general principles of laws and social orders; Active performance of environmental protection; Taxes and social welfare contribution; and 


1. Management System

The Company’s Management System was derived from ISO and advanced administration management theory, which operates based on a principle of simple structure, cost effectiveness, labour productivity and efficiency, under the combination of full-time and in-charge staff.

A documentary system has been relatively built up recently for the Company’s managerial practices, and it will be improving gradually. This documentary system includes: • the Company’s Charter; • Staff Manual Handbook;

• Regulations on Production & Operation;

• Internal regulations and processes;

• Weekly, monthly and yearly workplans for each individual, unit and the Company. This System is considered as the fundamental basis to organize, operate, manage, monitor and evaluate Company’s production and operation activities; as well as basis for the Company to apply staff rewarding and violations punishment measures.

2. Organizational Structure

HumanResources -the Core Strength of the Company

The Company’s staff has been considered as its most valuable properties and D&A has committed to thoroughly increase the intrinsic value of its human resources by:

- Appreciating the talents;

- Providing best supports for each staff to improve their individual’s abilities; and

- Creating convenient life conditions as well as good spiritual support; To archive the above-mentioned commitments, the Company has had guaranteed four individual rights, as the follows:

• Talent Development Rights: including Staff training to adapt job requirements; Initiative and creative job performance; Suitable reorganization and compensation to individual contributions, ect .....;

Safety and Security Rights: including Health insurance, social insurance, labor safety, ect ...;

• Democratic Rights: including Self-decision making and participation related to their work, direct personal feedback to leaders, ect ...;

• Freedom Rights: including speak–up policy, freedom of participation in social organizations, hobby clubs and others in accordance with the law provisions, social traditions and Company’s culture.

3. Network of Consultants/Collaborators & Strategic Partners: One of the factors bring success for D&A shall be a successful establishment of a close network of collaboration running under various forms (joint ventures, cooperation, collaborators, ...) among target partners groups, as the follows:

- Individual/Organization extensively providing consultancy support (management science and legal consultancies included), particularly technology- related fields;

- International and domestic strategic business partners in order to share and maximum utilize each partner’s resources of labor, experience, know-how, advanced technologies and finance for strengthening the Company’s business operation based on perspectives of equality and mutual benefits between partners;

- Agencies and organizations supporting trade promotion, such as Ministry of Industry & Trade, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce

- Industry (VCCI), oversea Vietnamese Trade Promotion Offices and Embassies; - Banks/credit institutions providing loan services in order to strengthen the Company’s production and business operation (though the loan always accounts for a low proportion and tends to rapidly decrease in the Company’s capital structure.

Visiting and Working with Vietnam – France Aluminium Door Factory


Visiting and Working with Partner




- The Company’s management and monitoring system had been emphasized on quality improving and strengthening; new ideas had been always applied to the Company’s management and monitoring practices; The Company has been organized following a compact, efficient, advanced structure, suitable to its current context as well as future development. The Company’s future development orientation is clearly indicated throughout its Vision, “Development Strategy to the Year of 2025” and “Development Planning to the Year of 2020”. The Company’s internal management regulations system has been step by step built up, contributing significantly to its administration and management practices as well as playing an important role in creating and improving the Company’s culture.

- Business operation practices had been closely attached with the application of advanced technology achievements. With an enthusiastic, responsibility and creative thinking manner, the Company staff always have had invention, innovative and advanced technology application in operation practices, bringing high economic effectiveness. To date, the Company had expanded its business lines in various sectors, particularly in oil and gas sectors, with a rapid and solid growth.

- The staffs, based on their individual duties and job performance requirements, had been given skills training courses, improving their capacities. The staff, particularly the youth, also had been encouraged and facilitated to participate in other different skill training courses in order to gain advanced knowledge, enabling them to control their duties and in an active manner.

- Investment in new equipment had been paid attention. Improvement of machinery and equipment has always been emphasized, creating better working conditions for staff;

- A network of collaboration and cooperation with reputable expertise individuals / organizations operating in related fields had been formed, closely incorporated, and maximum supported the Company’s business practices, strengthening its operation

- Improving profits and the Company’s competitive advantages;

- Social movements, such as "Learning to improve knowledge and skills”; “Sport Games and Activities to enhance health", and "Promoting the Company’s Solidarity Tradition, Building advanced and purely Company’s Culture” had been often created and facilitated among the staff.

- Social policies and the Company’s responsibility to staff had been well accomplished; - State law policies execution had been strictly followed. - The Brand & Awards achieved: The Company's trading products of Chemicals and Wooden Furniture groups had been registered with the National Office of Intellectual Propert.

Trip to the Egypt​


Trip to India


VIII. THE COMPANY’S DEVELOPMENT PROSPECT & ORIENTATIONS TO THE YEAR 2020: As directed in the Company’s “Development Orientation Strategy to the Year of 2020”, long-term “Development Plan to 2020” and annual “Production & Business Operation Plan”, in parallel with the synchronized performance of solutions to self- improve the Company’s abilities (such as sustainable development, continuous upgrading and improvement of organization operation, and advertisement, ect ...), the following activities will be concentrated in the years coming up next:

- Strongly invest in market development projects for high performance and environment friendly fire-retardant coatings and additives produced by Broadview Technologies Inc. and D&A, at present is the Exclusive Distributor for Vietnam Market in collaboration with Rosenpaul Pte Ltd. Singapore; Build up relationships with selected potential partners operating in related sectors which are in special needs of consumption of these products as well as other potential manufacturers and distributors in Vietnam market;

- Maintain available relationships with its traditional partners; In addition to supplying customers’ demands, boost bilateral trade relationships through by promoting and exploring potential opportunities;

- Co-operate with other partners in investment projects of civil and industrial construction sector in Vietnam, based on the Company’s experience and utilizable capabilities;

- Promote the application of innovative and advanced technologies into business operation, 

emphasizing on management and application sciences, through a network of close cooperation with consultants, expertized organizations and agencies;

- Actively participate in social charity contribution, performing social responsibility as well as expanding opportunities for Company’s brand advertisement;


- Improvement of Company’s competitive advantages, in order to adapt the development requirements of international economics and WTO integrations by:

• Stability and constantly upgrading the Company’s organizational structure;

• Improving the management system and applying ISO 1900: 2001 into management practices;

• Assigning the right staff to the right job and creating favorable conditions for individual development in the Company’s working environment;

• Training and retraining on professional as well as social knowledge and skills (focusing on on-the-job skills training);

• Facilitating equipment and machineries;

• Strengthening the application of advanced achievement (emphasizing on management science) into production and business operation practices;

• Mobilizing capital investment and other financial resources based on the Company’s structural sustainable balance, serving and promoting toward Sustainable, Durable and Environment Friendly business operation practices. - Step by step restructuring the Company’s commercial proportion and increasing investment proportion by:

• Basic Factor: Promoting the development and execution of Agreements and Memorandum of Understanding with the US and Singapore partners;

• Pioneer Factor: Participating in investments projects of civil and industry construction sector, based on the Company’s experience and mobilize-able capabilities;

• Importance Factor: Joining in other joint-venture investment projects;

- Promoting collaboration practices under various forms of joint-ventures, associates and co-operation with international and domestic individuals, units and organizations in order to share and effectively utilize different resources in terms of science, technology, intellectual property, finance, experiences and human resources;

- Building up an advanced and purely Company’s culture by:

• Developing, completing and effectively applying the Company’s internal regulations system;

• Extensively and effectively launching competition movements among the Company;

• Creating favorable conditions and mechanisms to facilitate the operation of Communist Parties, Youth Union, and other mass organizations among the Company.

- Providing greater support to the Company’s staff in order to ensure that they will receive full benefits in conformity lawful provisions and the Company's regulations; Properly performance social and community responsibilities; Supporting and facilitating the improvement of the living standards of the Company’s staff and their spirit.

- Promoting gradually the Company’s images and reputation and brand by trading promotion and advertising propaganda under various forms; organizing movements and practically participating in charity activities generated by the Company as well as by Community ...




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